Ken Cavalli

He began as a news cameraman over 30 years ago, but enjoys the challenge of learning more about his craft. He shoots for all major news and sports networks and is frequently requested to shoot for the NBA Finals, the Super Bowl, NASCAR for ESPN and live remote shots for The Ellen DeGeneres Show, for the last 8 seasons. Now a talented director of photography and videographer he shoots commercials, PSA’s, corporate videos, news and sports. A 6 time national Emmy award winner for his work on the Olympics for NBC Sports since 2000, he also is a Director and Technical Director of live multi-camera shows. He is an avid still photographer also, sharing his images all to news agencies all over the world. He has perfected his eye for beauty shots, stunning lighting and storytelling. Ken is very passionate about his work and people. When he met Lisa Fine a couple of days after the horrible event in Las Vegas, at his studio, in Sacramento, he felt touched by what she had gone through and wanted to help in any way possible.