ROUTE91STRONG, a non-political, non-partisan nonprofit supported survivors impacted by the nightmare of mass gun violence by providing financial assistance for hardships, resources for recovery, and awareness to the nation about the trauma these survivors face.

We came together as a team of survivors helping other survivors with financial Support, Hope, Strength, Change and Love and our mission will live on through the VEGAS STRONG RESILIENCY CENTER.

“Route91Strong has provided necessary support to survivors, and we are honored to carry on its mission. We want survivors to know help is still available, and above all, we want to recognize the tremendous work they have done.”

- Tennille Pereira, director of the Vegas Strong Resiliency Center.


Route91Strong is honored to have been able to support families and is grateful for making a positive impact on hundreds of survivors of the 1 October Harvest Festival tragedy with more than $234,700 in financial assistance. With help from generous donors across the nation, Route91Strong’s applicant disbursements kept families in homes, diapers on babies, insurance paid, food in kids’ bellies, dinners on tables, cellphones in use, and gas in vehicles. Many other life essentials were met for individuals struggling with severe PTSD, losing jobs and homes, and, for some, ending up on suicide watch. More than just financial assistance, we were a soft place to land for survivors of this mass shooting tragedy. We offered support, hope, strength, and love so they could breathe, as their financial hardships were lifted so they could focus on getting their lives back on track. We allowed survivors to know that someone cares and that they are not alone. We cried with families as they shared their stories with a team of fellow survivors who truly love them and knew what they are going through. For that, we are appreciative beyond words and we feel a bond with each and every one of the lives we touched.

We are thankful for the strides we made as a team. We raised awareness of the effects of mass shootings on survivors through our many outreach and fundraising events. We were survivors of a country concert, trying our best to help those who experienced similar horrors from that night as well as others. However, it is now time for our team to get the necessary and critical healing and recovery we need in order to be able to help more lives in the future. The Board of Route91Strong has decided to dissolve the organization. This was a difficult and emotional, yet necessary, decision we have made as a Board. We are taking the steps to ensure that the process of winding up Route91Strong is as smooth as possible. Our primary goal is to transition with integrity, honor and grace, which preserves our legacy and contributes to a positive collective memory of what our team and donors have accomplished for the greater good.

The community of partnerships and relationships we have built through this experience is extraordinary. We are thrilled to announce that the Vegas Strong Resiliency Center (managed by Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada) will now be offering financial assistance to survivors, in addition to the other resources and services it provides. It is a matter of wonderful timing that our organization is ready to step down at the same time the Resiliency Center is ready to step up. Please visit their website to learn about the policy and application process:

Route91Strong is distributing funds to the final group of survivors in our queue, and our net assets after paying the costs of dissolving and winding up will be donated to the Vegas Strong Resiliency Center, which will directly support 1 October survivors.

Thank you to those who inspired us, guided us, and held us to a high standard. Disaster brought us together, but it was love that forged our bonds forever.

Lisa Fine, 1 Oct Survivor, Co-Founder, President & CEO

Brian Claypool, 1 Oct Survivor, Co-Founder, Vice President

LoriDawn Messuri, Director of Marketing & Communications, Co-Founder & Secretary

Iris Sherman, Washington DC Gun Violence Survivor, Director of Operations & Treasurer

Greg & Tennille Greenfield, 1 Oct Survivors, Co-Founders

Ken Cavalli, Media Production, Co-Founder

Kevin Harold, Media Production, Co-Founder

Denise Beingessner, Co-Founder

Blake Gotts, Co-Founder


 SUICIDE HOTLINE (800) 273-8255



Survivors, please don't lose hope. There are so many people who DO care and know exactly what you are going through. You are NOT alone. 

-- Testimonial of a Las Vegas Shooting Survivor that Route91Strong helped financially through generous donations

“I have been trying to stay strong after the events on October 1st. I have my good days and bad days. I recently lost my employment but I’m holding it together. Thank God for good people like you all that are willing to help those of who may have been forgotten. Thank you for all your help I appreciate all the hard work you are doing to help victims.”

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ACTUAL SURVIVOR STORY: "Rapidly fraying rope. Well, it's been almost a year. I've lost everything, from my home and all my worldly possessions, to my job and now my Medicaid. But that’s not exactly bad news, it gets the therapists off the hook. I’m afraid I've been homeless since march, so I have no internet. But I pray that no one else is still being wounded daily by this. Good luck to you all..."

Update: We are happy to report that this survivor is doing better and Route91Strong awarded financial assistance to help her through her recovery.

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