Iris Sherman

Iris Sherman knows first-hand, what it feels like to be a victim of gun violence and a survivor. She was shot through her car while driving through an active crime scene that was not protected in a Washington DC region just over two years ago. It has changed her, and her loved ones lives forever. Since that time, she has worked hard to overcome her pain and suffering from surgeries and PTSD.

Iris saw Lisa Fine and Brian Claypool on CNN… She felt compelled to reach out. She is so thrilled to be a part of the Rt91Strong family. Sadly, Iris is now part of the extended family of victims who have survived and understand the emotional, physical and mental health scars along with financial hardships that consume this unique group of souls.

Iris is a successful award-winning entrepreneur known for creating new businesses and bringing impactful products to market to improve and change the human condition. She has successfully led multi-million-dollar capital raises as part of her business life. She has accepted risk, uncertainty, and rejection as part of her entrepreneur life, but getting shot and being a victim of gun violence was never part of that bluebook. She is putting her business skills in action to help raise significant funds at the corporate level, to bring Rt91Strong to a level of needed financial giving and support. Iris’s entrepreneurial story and getting shot can be found in many places on the web to include Fortune magazine.