Thank You's & Testimonials from the Route 91 Harvest Festival October 1 mass gun violence survivors Route91Strong was able to help through the donations received from amazing people and organizations.


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Look, I don’t think any of us from that night will ever be the same; I know I won’t. What I do know Lisa, and please PLEASE take this to heart, is that you saved me. I was dying Lisa. I don’t have a lot of interaction with people, but for instance the guy named Tony that changes my oil? Even he says I “look great”. The dark circles are leaving, the nervous wreck I was is changing. I’ll always be f*cked up from this, but I’m telling you in the plainest way I know how that i was dying. And there isn’t a single person in the world I could have turned to. You stuck up for me and I won’t ever, EVER forget it. One day we will meet , I am going to hug you, your husband and everyone that’s with you until your tired of being hugged. I am IN NO WAY out of the woods, I’m working extra hard to get a Christmas tree for my son, and I’m just feeling grateful....... -- Henry Day

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I have been trying to stay strong after the events on October 1st. I have my good days and bad days. I recently lost my employment due the company having financial issues. But I’m holding it together thank God for good people like you all that are willing to help those of who may have been forgotten. Thank you for all your help I appreciate all the hard work you are doing to help victims. I do appreciate your hard work on everything you do. The team spreads love to all of that need hope in the darkest moments we have been through.  You guys are truly angels sent from heaven thank you for taking time away from your family and friends to help us all God bless you.

-– Jose

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Hi everyone,

First of all I want to send you all the biggest THANK YOU and hug that I can form over just an email :). I received my check today and you have no idea what an impact this money will have on my life. 

A little about my story... I was in attendance at route 91 with about 20 of my greatest friends and family for my birthday having literally the time of our lives. When the shooting started a girl went down in front of me. I’m a nurse so I ran to her not really knowing what was happening. As the shots started again my friend pulled me away and we started running with the crowd. I came across a man screaming and crying for someone to help his friend. I told my friend we had to stop. She asked me what to do and together we ripped off his shirt trying to figure out where he had been hit. Once I realized he wasn’t breathing I immediately started resuscitative measures. While doing so, I felt a sting in my foot. I thought nothing of it until we were told to run. Although the man I tried to help was already gone, I think about how we left him almost every day. My friend and I ran for our lives toward the exit but after a few steps and stabbing pain in my left foot, I realized something was wrong. After help from

a man I am still unable to identify, we got to the street and hid behind a police car while what we didn’t know was going to be the last round of shots were fired . I waited at Excalibur for over 3 hours before it was declared safe for SWAT to escort me to an ambulance. The doctors said my  cowboy boot saved my foot that day. After I was shot I had to miss 8 weeks of work, none of which were paid. I had not yet been at my job an entire year, so I wasn’t able to claim any kind of benefits. They also couldn’t guarantee my job. But thankfully due to the extenuating circumstances, I was lucky enough to return to my job after Thanksgiving last year. Obviously my story had a good ending and that hasn’t been the case for everyone. What I went through is nothing compared to what many others had to endure after such an unfortunate event. Not just in a physical sense but mentally as well. And because of that, I always felt that I didn’t deserve any of the money that was being raised for the victims. I am a strong person and although I still think about that night often, I was able to get back on my feet much quicker than others have. It wasn’t until recently after months of drowning in credit card debt that my sister finally talked me into asking for some help. Don’t get me wrong, I still have my reserves about accepting this money but I want you all to know that what you are doing is nothing short of amazing. I am in tears as I’m writing this and I’m so thankful and grateful that there are people like you who can change how someone sees the world with something as simple as a phone call. My little sister was also at route 91 has been paying out of pocket for her edmr therapy for the last year just so she can function in her daily life. Her husband, my brother in law who was in attendance as well, damaged his truck while trying to escape and just the simple fact that they both got to speak with you, Lori and Lisa, has completely changed their mood. I think just knowing that people like you still exist in this world has made all our days a little brighter. I would love to meet any and all of you if you are ever in Vegas to give you a real hug and thank you in person. Sorry about the long drawn out email lol. Please add me on Facebook if you have one! J.H. and Wendy, that book is absolutely incredible. I came across this quote the other day.

“Sometime’s in tragedy we find our life’s purpose.”

And I think there are no truer words to describe all of you.

Thank you forever,

-- Sam

The most x’s and the most o’s

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Thank you all again for everything you, for all you have done for us and for the hard work you put in daily.  It feels as though your foundation is the only one who hasn’t forgotten about the survivors that may not have physical injuries, but dealing with the emotional and mental pain.  You don’t receive enough recognition. We see these foundations talking about all they do, but I have yet to meet someone they have actually helped - Route91Strong actually takes action!! -- Sumer

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Bare with me, this is a long post...

Earlier this evening I had the pleasure of speaking with the lovely Lisa Fine, one of many that created the Organization “Route 91 Strong”, as survivors helping other survivors in need. I was able to share with Lisa mine and my husbands story and I’d like to share it with you all as well, for those of you that don’t know, David and I got engaged at the Route 91 Harvest Festival in 2016, and we decided to return in 2017 for our Honeymoon. We had just got married a week prior on September 20, 2017 and about 2 weeks before that we found out we were expecting our first baby. On the night of October 1st, we experienced the worst thing I’ve ever been faced with. Along with the 22,000 others that were there. My husband knew right away what was happening and he got us out of there as quickly as possible, knocking down a fence and stopping a truck to ask for a ride to safety. All I kept thinking in that moment was that we were just starting our lives together, we haven’t even got to hold our baby yet. We are so blessed to have made it out together.

Following the shooting everything took a downward spiral. Due to the pregnancy I was unable to get confirmation of my believed injuries which included a sprained shoulder and cracked rib from being trampled on. Sleepless nights turned into nights of nightmares, I would have constant panic attacks, I couldn’t be alone, I refused to leave the house or even get out of bed unless I absolutely had to. My husband got demoted at work for taking time off to care for me. I was never able to return to work. We had to move out of our apartment because we couldn’t afford to live, bills stacked up. Some days I felt so hopeless I would question whether or not I was even going to be able to be a mother to our baby. Adoption crossed my mind, as awful as I feel admitting that, I didn’t know what else to do. We applied for assistance through several resources and it always fell through some way or another. Some days I just wanted to give up.

Well, It’s been a little over 5 months and for the first time I feel this weight lifted off our shoulders and for the first time, I actually believe there is hope out there for us. Thanks to Lisa and her team at Route91Strong, we are finally going to receive some assistance to help us get above drowning waters. I wish I could embrace this team with hugs and truly show them just how grateful we are for helping us.

Route91Strong are survivors helping survivors, and it just humbles me that these souls have found it inside themselves to fight the evil and darkness that this incident has brought upon us, and to turn it around and help others in need, Especially knowing that they too are healing from this. They really have given me strength and hope to hold on and fight to overcome this. I finally feel like I can take a breath and actually just be excited for our sweet babygirl to arrive in a few weeks, rather than stress about being so behind. So again from the bottom of my heart, from my family to yours, thank you so so so much for all you have done and continue to do. I hope one way or another we are able to pay it forward and help to contribute and help others in need as well.

-- Dillon

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Thank you so much for the call today! It’s the best news I’ve had in a long time. As promised, here’s my testimonial. You are welcome to use my name if you’d like.

After surviving Route 91, my life and mental health have changed significantly. I’m not usually the type to seek out therapy or any other assistance, but this was different and one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to work through in my entire life. As with many survivors, I struggle with PTSD and trying to navigate life with this constant nagging fear and anxiety that seem to sit upon my chest and in my mind every day. I often feel like I’m living someone else’s nightmare, but wake up each day to the realization that it’s my own.

Once a social butterfly who loved to travel, experience new things, and live life to the fullest, I have become a home body, depressed, and generally not enjoying the life that was spared. While I still have that love for concerts, amusement parks, and social gatherings, my excitement too often turns to declining these places and events due to fear. In June 2018, I was having a very hard time seeing the weekly body cam footage releases. I was having nightmares during the times that I was actually able to fall asleep. Every loud noise or large crowd made me nervous. A friend offered me to move to Texas to live with her to see if putting some distance between me and the shooting would help me overcome some of the anxiety and find some zest for life again. I made the move with my 16 year old. I pulled my 401k and savings to make the move. I’m a licensed insurance producer and the move required me to apply for licensing in Texas before I could begin working. This process took nearly 3 months to complete, which caused me to deplete my savings. I then secured a good job and began building a pipeline, but have not yet built it to the level I was in Las Vegas. Over the past two months, the living situation has deteriorated and left me scrambling to get the funds to move into my own place here so I do not have to uproot my daughter again. The depression has grown and at times I feel hopeless that things will get better. I’ve struggled with thoughts of suicide and many times become angry that I was spared that night to live this life in fear and anxiety. I can’t thank Route91 Strong enough for being a ray of hope. The funds provided by Route91Strong will help me get into my own place and gain some stability for myself and my daughter. It helps me to not make another impulsive decision, in an attempt to run away from the life that continues to follow me. Thank you so Much!!! We are forever Country Strong! -- Heather Love

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Just a note to say thank you. I'm not quite out of the woods yet. But your help I can finally take a step forward. I want you to know its not just the financial help. You've afforded me the opportunity to hope again. It comes at a much greater cost than the roof over my head, and one I was unable to afford on my own. I am forever grateful. -- Alina

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OMG seriously!  At 3:48!! I had the email in the sent folder - no wonder it seemed I hadn’t gotten new email since yesterday!! 🤦‍♀️

The reason I asked was because this week taped to the door was the foreclosure paperwork from the credit union. 😢 😭😭they keep going with this despite us explaining we are doing what we can and explaining the hardship (even sent them bank statements so they could see we are being transparent! And struggling to get caught up!) we sold a bunch of things through letgo but they won’t take partial payment for what we owe now!

My husband just asked me today if I had heard anything and I thought I hadn’t! 🤭 oh my!!!

I swear the Lord works in mysterious ways!! Would you believe this was in my daily devotional that I read this morning.....

I just read your email and completely understand! Im sorry for bugging you but am even happier that I shared my reading from This morning ! I hope it brings you some comfort!!

We will all get through this!! It is because of God working through you and your sister and your team that so many have found relief and some ease of burden

We are going to somehow figure out how to elect for mediation .... buy some time - There has to be a way. I can’t lose my safe place 😢

Focus on positives- We are blessed! Kids are healthy, my hand is healing, my head is improving (as you know-PTSD sucks!!) and I have a great counselor! One day at a time!

‘Thank you’ isn’t even enough in situations like this! We appreciate you ! 💕

 -- K.T.

• • •

Speaking to you both made me see the good in all. I will never be able to Thank you enough not only for the financial support but specially for the moral support. On all days today!

Once again Thank you for being you.


-- Gloria

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Hello, I just wanted to reach out and say what a wonderful thing you guys are doing. My aunt & uncle we’re actually at the Mandalay Bay that night, watching the concert from the bar. They had to lay on the floor of the bar for hours as they heard everything going on around them from screams, gunshots, police etc. They were due to attend the concert but the last minute my aunt decided against it. Sadly one of their friends did not make it. I too was invited to the festival but could not go cuz I was due to go to Vegas in early November & couldn’t afford 2 trips so close to each other. Although I was not there & my family is alive, this event shook me down to my core. I felt my own form of PTSD after this event. Couldn’t sleep, couldn’t focus, didn’t want to leave the house, couldn’t watch tv or movies with any form of action/violence, I still have nightmares of what could have been & what happened, it’s taken me a long while to feel a tad normal again. I’ve often felt bad about it because I know there are so many more struggling way more than myself but I feel it is important to know you are helping more people than just those that were there or lost someone. Thank you for all you are doing.

LoriDawn: Hi Emily! Thank you so much for your kind words. My sister, Lisa Fine, also survived the shooting. I know exactly how you feel as I was not there but still am shaken by the whole thing. It could have been a whole different story for our family. I think your words could help others who are, like me, in the same boat. I don't have to use your name if you don't want, but may I share this on our social media? Our team could use the boost we've been doing the best we can (struggling with our own PTSD etc.) donating our time and money & loving on as many people as we can and kind words like these go a long way!!

Emily: Hello! Yes please use my story, include my name so others can reach out to me if they want/need. I actually had the privilege of meeting your sister this last April. My boyfriend & I were going to Vegas & our flight was delayed. We were having a drink at one of the bars in the airport and Lisa, along with Iris sat behind us and my boyfriend noticed the check they were holding was for Route 91. He quickly told me to turn around & encouraged me to go say hello. I was super nervous because I just don’t know how valid my issues are compared to those who were there, but he eventually got me to go say hello & she was as sweet as could be. I’ve been following her on FB ever since, along with this page. If there is anything I can do to help this cause please let me know; whether it be testimony, interviews, etc. I am here to help and speak for others who are out here like us. We all gotta stick together

LoriDawn: That's awesome, Emily!! Thank you so much and I'm glad you got to meet sis!!! I will let the team know! & YES!! We all gotta stick together!!!!

-- Emily Longueuiel

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I can’t thank you enough for the call I got yesterday. I feel like I can breath a sigh of relief after hearing your organization would be willing to help me and my kids during the toughest time in our lives. 

I’ve had a lot of health issues lately and my husband and I of 13 years divorced in August. It’s been overwhelming. You’re angels in disguise. Really. Thank you. 

I have attached copies of outstanding bills I need to pay. I will write a testimonial for you tomorrow or Friday. 

Thank you and god bless you for all you’re doing for us survivors.

-- A.J.

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Hello Lisa and all the team from Rout91 Strong!

My husband and I received the checks and we want to thank you again and let you know we are on track with our rent and we were able to buy other things we needed.

We do feel the hope support and strength that you spread to us.

Thank you!!!

-- Kathy & Alexis.

• • •

After the shooting, I was in a dark place. When I finally crawled out, I decided to find a purpose, do something that said, “This is why I’m alive”. I began to volunteer for the Crisis Text Hotline. Helping others, listening to their stories, helped me. Then, since my youngest started school this year, I thought, “Why not go to school and get a degree and help MORE people?" Now, I’m finishing my first ever semester in college and have registered for spring. Finding the money to pay for school has been a challenge. We are a one-income family and we struggle a lot. When I got the call from Route91Strong, I was in shock. I cried (happy tears). I thought, this is what I am supposed to be doing. When I received the check, I paid a couple of overdue bills and then paid a good chunk of next semesters tuition. I can breathe a little easier now. Thank God for Route91Strong! -– Crystal G.

• • •

Thank you for getting back to me. I didn’t realize how much I was still going through this and very thankful for the resiliency center and your organization. I don’t feel so alone. –- Nikole A.

• • •

I am SOOOO sorry that after receiving my check I didn't contact you. I lost all my contacts so I didn't have your number and I went to send an email and apparently it saved to my drafts. I was going through things right now and just noticed it. I wanted to tell you guys thank you so much for helping my family. It took a huge weight off of my shoulders and helped with my stress levels. To know I'm caught up on everything now and I'm not ssoooo behind on rent is such a relief. You guys have been a blessing Thank you so very much it meant the world to me! 

Love, Denysha G.

• • •

Good Evening,

We would like to take the time to Thank Route 91 Strong and the Las Vegas Golden Knights for their donation to our family in our time of need. You have no idea of the significant help you have provided for us!

A little bit about our family:
We are a family of 6! 3 precious boys and 1 beautiful girl. I am a 5th generation native and was born and raised in the heart of Las Vegas. When my wife and I first heard of a professional team coming to Las Vegas, we were really excited because finally we get to have a team that we can all cheer for and be proud of. I didn’t know the meaning the Vegas Golden Knights would have for our family.

As you all know, my wife and I were at the Route 91 Festival on Oct 1 and our lives were changed forever. I was shot in the back and chest and my wife endured a great amount of emotional  pain and stress not knowing if I would make it out alive.

That night there was only one act of violence yet there was hundreds of acts of kindness that overcame that 1 act.

On October 6, while we were still dealing with the pain that this horrible act left us, we were cheering on a team that we didn’t know, a team that was there to prove what VegasStrong meant! And I’ll tell you that we fell in love with this team! Not because it was the first team in Las Vegas or because we liked hockey but because we felt that they were out on the Ice playing for us! Las Vegans, all of the Survivors and our 58 angels! On game Nights we sit on our couch and cheer them on! This team gave us hope when it felt hard to hold on. I got a Vegas Strong tattoo that incorporated my team with it! Because my family is VegasStrong.

Thank you again for helping us in our time of need. Me being out of work for almost 10 months has brought my family such a financial burden however we know God is good and we shall get through this!

God Bless Route 91 Strong and Vegas Golden Knights!

-- William King

• • •

I want to thank you so much for even considering this.  I spoke with Lisa Fine this weekend and just her words and level or caring and concern have made a difference in our lives. -- S.M.

• • •

I have been searching for the right words to thank you for your kindness and generosity, but there are no words that truly express how grateful I truly am! -- Stephanie S.

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• • •

‘‘Tis was 7 days before Christmas 2018, where there was a girl named Melinda who was once a strong country girl who just loved her Jason Aldean. She worked very hard & played hard always helping many over the years never asking anything in return. She found herself in 2016 going thru major medical and 3 of 5 spine surgeries in a very toxic marriage of 18 yrs & on 12/1/16 two weeks after her final spine surgery where they slit her throat & fused 3 discs in her neck she chose to lead by example to her daughter and moved out with nothing but her clothes, her bed, TV & her daughter Destiny 25 yrs old. That Christmas for the first time in her life there was no Christmas tree, presents or anything. She was just simply grateful for the peace in her life. She then started building a new life, new friends & learning how to move forward. From February 2017 to August 28, 2017 she learned how to shine & nurture long term friendships and built new ones till on 8/28/17 she got a call from her niece that her sister was in ICU on life support. She drove immediately there to meet her sister’s twin boy & girl & 30 yr old handicap nephew to assess what was going on. After 48 hrs & consulting with doctors the very hard decision came to pull the plug as she was already gone. Melinda spent a week giving the kids a crash course on life & adulthood and assisting in final arrangements for her sister. Weeks later on 9/28/17 after all that she flew into Las Vegas to visit with one of her best friends to attend the Route 91 Countryfest. The festival was amazing as she had the time of her life, met up with friends & her best friend today & fellow survivor Lisa who she ran the Route with her that night. The day finally came that she waited 3 days for, her dude Jason Aldean was taking the stage that night. Jason, his music & lyrics are just so special to her she just couldn’t wait & was beyond excited. The night came and she began to make her way to the front of the stage with her best friend Lisa. Jackie & Robbie said.....we will be right back we’re going to the restroom. Because Jason Aldean was Melinda’s favorite she got 20 feet from the stage & when he took the stage just went nuts in joy & sang every lyric to each song. ..... and then the unimaginable happened that she just can’t go into detail. She then found herself in a unknown place. The fear, anxiety, terror, nightmares, insomnia, massive depression, and simply could not write her own name for at least 6 months. Unable to work she exhausted her 401K to keep a roof over her & her daughters head, spent 6 months in outpatient 3 days a week at 4 hrs a day to move on to private therapy twice a week doing EMDR, acupuncture, massage and meds to try to calm down. The constant fear, anxiety & terror feeling like your gonna have a heart attack & can calm the breathing wouldn’t go away. She eventually returned to work to be terrorized by her employer & when she couldn’t take it anymore she called for help to the Resiliency Center in Las Vegas that put her in touch with a Mr. Robert Gibson. A complete stranger who was there for her unconditionally & just listened and helped her in her despair as she just fell apart. By the time she met Robert everything had spiraled, she was just so exhausted, tired, unable to carry the load anymore & just wished she was one of the 58 who passed cause it seemed easier then the weight she’s carried since that day on 10-1-17. And in a moment of frustration speaking with Robert she shared she had a electric bill she couldn’t afford to pay. And he asked, .... do you know about Route91Strong? A non profit who has helped survivors. He put sent me a link & explained how they’ve helped. I met Lisa Fine & LoriDawn only via email & text. Lisa Fine welcomed me to apply for assistance & LoriDawn walked me thru it. I remember calling SDGE begging to have mercy on me & that I was a survivor of Route 91 & that I’ve asked for assistance and to just give me a lil more time to pay the past due bill & not turn the lights out.  They were very kind & gave me till 12/21/18, I was embarrassed & ashamed and simply ran out of gas and there was no way out. I couldn’t breath and had to go to work. LoriDawn asked if there were any other bills I needed help with. I was behind on everything & my car needed maintenance really bad & every day I drove 1 hour each way I prayed to God to please don’t leave me on the side of the road cause I can’t fix it right now. A couple weeks passed by & on a early afternoon on a day I was off doing chores the phone rang & it was Lisa Fine & LoriDawn. I was so all over the place & when I applied for assistance I only gathered bills that were in front of me & I couldn’t focus on all of them so I asked for just the immediate urgent bills. But on this day during that calls Lisa Fine advised me that help was on the way & they were sending me a check for 2K to help me. I could barely speak & cried like a baby. My emotions, my gratitude, humility, anxiety, thankfulness & to learn that the “ Presley Jean 7 year old birthday fundraiser “ along with Route91Strong helped me & my daughter was overwhelming. And today, 7 days before Christmas Eve because of the help I was so ashamed & proud to ask for & as a result of a complete stranger Robert who simply listened when I wasn’t able to focus & lead me to Route91Strong........I was able to pay every bill, utility current, and get my card the very overdue maintenance that it needed so it won’t leave me on the side of the road & I can get to work. I’ve always been the giver throughout my life & I believe that we should always be thankful, pay it forward & even if it’s the last dollar you have for someone who needs it more. And then there’s me who’s too proud to ask & was ready to throw in the towel, however because of some very special people in my life, they saved me. I’m extremely grateful, humbled by this kindness I’m very thankful that I was able to share my story & I pray to God it will help others & they find the strength to ask for help & not be too proud like I was. As a result of the blessings from Lisa Fine, LoriDawn, Robert G. Presley Jean’s 7 year birthday fundraiser on this 7th night before Christmas Eve

2018, May God bless you & your families & all of us Route 91 family, you gave me hope when I let go and I do believe love wins in the end & we’re here made for each other. -- Melinda

• • •

Thank you all for your support and our talk on the phone yesterday. Words cannot express how much the 2k will help me. I can make one car payment and a mortgage payment. 

I spoke to my Daughter, Marissa who I was with that night. She was in tears telling me how this has been very hard. She is on her own out in Las Vegas. I encouraged her to fill out the application and send it in. 

She is strong willed and has always taken care of herself. She is hesitant because she feels others need the help more then her. Her car is breaking down. She has been auditioning for a 2nd job and that takes her away from her primary job due to missed shifts.

She was recently at a baseball game. The lights went out. The Stadium went black. She immediately ducked got under the seat and was tugging on her boyfriend at the time to get down! They started lighting off Fireworks. She had to leave the stadium where she then had a panic attack in the parking lot. That moment is when she realized she was not mentally at peace with what happened on October 1, 2017.  She is seeking free professional help now through the University of Phoenix.  

Her hardship:  She is struggling and they keep raising her rent. She has drained any savings she did have. Any help you could offer would be greatly appreciated.  She is the daughter in my story that was my Hero that night. It makes me cry knowing she is struggling and I cannot reach out to help her financially. The only way I am hoping to help is to reach out to you and see if your fund could reach out to help her this one time. She will fill out an application. 

-- D.M.

• • •

Dearest LoriDawn and Lisa,

Words cannot begin to explain how thankful I am for you ladies and what you do!

If there was ever a prime example for my beliefs on the saying “everything happens for a reason” Friday January 25 was my number one reason for believing that saying. It’s not often if ever I’ve came across a route 91 survivor with a car decal. Anyways as I’m coming home Friday afternoon I stop at my apartment complex’s mailroom and parked right next to me was the exact car I drive with not only a route 91 survivor decal but also a custom license route 91 plate. Wow, just wow. I wanted to meet this person right away but unfortunately she or he was not in their car.

I have yet to come across a route 91 survivor in my town (that I know of) so I was shocked! I still have yet to see this car again unfortunately but my story doesn’t stop there. So after picking up my mail I walk in my house and within 10 minutes of being home low and behold it’s Lisa and LoriDawn calling me! Again wow! Just WOW! What are the chances of me seeing this route 91 survivor car (which is the same exact car as mine) and then receiving a phone call from these two amazing human beings! I truly felt like it was one of those moments where everything happens for a reason. I had chills talking to LoriDawn and Lisa.

I cannot express enough how grateful I am to you two ladies for all that you do! With this check I am able to help me and my family with some long over due disconnection/extension bills, pay some debit that has accumulated since our unfortunate event and just get me and my family back to “normal” again.

Our Route 91 family is always in our hearts, mind and prayers. And for Lisa, LoriDawn and the amazing Presley Jean birthday fundraiser you have forever changed our lives. And for that we thank you! Words cannot express all the gratitude, love and appreciation we have for each and every one of you who work tirelessly to help all of us survivors get back to a “norm.” Thank you so much!

Route91Strong forever! -- Danielle S.

• • •

Thank you so much Route 91 Strong for your generous donation you made to my family. Just in time for the holidays. The work you are doing for us is unprecedented. From survivor to survivor and our families. Only WE know the impact we still deal with from that tragic night.

What you are doing for us helps in so many more ways than just financial help. I was given a gift from God just before the holidays from you. I didn’t have to worry about providing for my children like I normally do. That “break” you gave me for December (when I typically don’t work) will always be appreciated. Then to hear your stories and know you have dedicated so much time & energy to us is beyond amazing.

Now that I have connected with you. I will continue to support your organization in any way possible. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart.

Thank you, Jackie C.

• • •

Words can’t begin to express how grateful I am for the conversation with Lori and Lisa of Route 91 Strong. Their beautiful, kind souls made me feel very special today.

I have one girlfriend that was at the festival with me that night, other friends that were in Vegas when it all happened, and I have a strong support system of other friends and family to talk to, however, it’s very easy to feel alone. I have grown a lot throughout the year. After Vegas I was a shell of myself, a body just preceding with the motions to get through the day. I felt I would never be the same again, I still am not although closer to it. I have days where I think ‘man this is easy like nothing has happened and it was all a dream’, then other days where my thoughts escalate and I can’t seem to get the images, smells and sounds out of my brain. I have multiple random triggers that come without warning and leave me as if I have just run out of the festival. I recently took my first vacation post-Vegas and it was lovely, beautiful and warm, everything you would dream about, I sure wanted to relax but my body was on high alert a lot of the time. Things are surely not the same and this could be the new normal. 

I haven’t talked to any other survivors besides my one girlfriend. Today I was able to relate, share, laugh and cry to complete strangers who have become friends because of their kindness and drive to help others. I have so much love and admiration for these ladies who are struggling themselves yet find the time to connect and take care of us all. 

Much Love,


Ps I’ll continue to pay it forward just as you have :) 

• • •

Hi Lisa,

I just received my check from Route91Strong. Thank you so much. It means so much that you were all there and you've come together to help fellow survivors! I truly appreciate it! 

It could not have come on a better day too! I was having such a bad day, full blown anxiety attack so bad that I missed my aunt's memorial. I was feeling so down on myself and when the check came it reminded me that I will get through this. This isn't my life, it's just a time I need to work through. 

Thank you so much!

-- Kelly

• • •

Kim: “Hi do you happen to know any other groups that are offering assistance to survivors besides us.”

Lisa: “All the ones that have said they are helping don’t seem to be... I asked our applicants if anyone has been able to receive help with another group or nonprofit and they either said they got turned down, no return call, or a cashiers check for no more than $250. Do you know of any other groups or nonprofits that are doing what we are? We have given out over $160,000 to over 100 families and we have 1000’s more to help. I know others are raising funds, but not sure who they are helping. I pray to God that they are able to help and that others will take on helping the survivors of the 22,000 &the other mass shooting survivors that need help through the 1st year while they get their lives back on track after the initial trauma. It’s the first year that is the hardest for sure... after that hopefully with continued therapy everyone can overcome the hardest part. I do know that The Resiliency Center got $16.7 Million to help survivors with medical. Give them a call beautiful.

Kim: “I tried to call them I was on hold for 33 mins.”

Lisa: “I would call again first thing in the morning luv. Let me know what they say. I need to let others know what their options are.”

Kim: “That’s the problem Lisa everyone else says they will help but nothing. You and Route91Strong are the only ones helping anyone. I wish more people knew that.

Lisa: “Hoping they can help luv. Our protocols allow two applications following a gun violence trauma. We have too many survivors and more mass shootings it seems like every month. We are doing the best we can and very blessed to have already help 100’s of families. We can’t do it all & wish others were helping also. I wish there was a magic wand. We are simply survivors helping survivors, as we know 1st hand what it’s like with the shock & PTSD directly after mass gun violence. Our mission to help thorough the first year has made a big difference. Glad we were able to help you 2 times. I love you so much. I know you will overcome this! You have the biggest heart.”

Kim: “I know I am so thankful for all you have done. I love you so much. Every time I see you post I am so proud. One day when I am a millionaire or marry one I’m going to make a huge donation and we will help even more people! I just [don’t] get how all these other places say they can help? Where do all the funds go that they say are for survivors? And for people to question you guys is ridiculous! As far as I know besides the compassion fund for shooting victims no one is helping anyone beyond what the state would normally do, ie food stamps.. Medicare. So frustrating. Not just because I need help but for the other people mostly.”

• • •

LoriDawn & Lisa, 

Thank you so much for your call. Your help will be greatly appreciated. With all that has been going on, you both have really helped with getting ahead. From the bottom of my heart, what you both and Route91Strong is doing is helping make lives better. I thought I was really going to have to let my son down with his party, these fund will not only cover our bills for Jan but give us enough to have a little party for him. 

Thank you for helping us in our time of need. Truly a pleasure to work with you and know someone out there knows what I am going through.

All the love, 
Lauren K

• • •

Hello! Thank you guys again for this! You have no idea how much it means to me.

This money lifted a huge weight off my shoulders with the holidays coming up. I was shot twice at the shooting and my medical bills have added up tremendously. I also was enrolled in medical school after to help make a difference. My school was shut down and I had made a huge payment that took all the money I had. I was working at the school as well and lost my job. With the holidays coming up and a big family it was a huge downfall on me. When I was told the money was coming from the Golden Knights Foundation and the fashion show I was taken back. It meant so much to me because they really made a huge difference in Las Vegas. I was lucky enough to go to two games with my boyfriend who is the reason I got out alive. They have made such an impact on my family and I. It is amazing to finally have a team to call our own.

-- Anonymous

• • •

You made my day, seriously.  Your kind words, and genuine concern to help means the world to me. I think people have forgotten, that sometimes it's all it takes to make a difference in someones life, and despite the outcome it's all they needed to hear.  -- Alicia O.

• • •


• • •

OMG, I am so thankful! God Bless the work you are doing! You have no idea how much this means to me, and how much stress this is taking off my plate!! ♥♥♥

Love, Liz

• • •

Hi LoriDawn, this is Krista M. and oh my gosh you guys made me cry!!! This is the best news in so long!!!! Here are a couple bills that I mentioned. You're AMAZING!!!!

• • •

LoriDawn that’s amazing Thank you. We very much appreciate all of of the hard work you and your sister do to help so many survivors! We applied for mediation and have to go in December to meet with their lawyer and the mediator. So hopefully they don’t force us to sell.  We would love if we could stay in our home. I appreciate your help!! What a year!! I love seeing all of the pictures of you guys out at events!!!

Thank you SO much from the bottom of our hearts! 

-- Katie 

• • •

Hi LoriDawn, 

This is the most wonderful news, made me cry! At this point, anything will help me and I feel so blessed to have this opportunity from you lovely ladies. I will attach my past due electric bill and my most recent water bill, but back in September I also sent Lisa an email with other more substantial bills and explanation. Should I resend that email to you both? I checked my sent messages and it appears that I sent it on 9/13/18, I am happy to resend that too if that will help. Thank you for all you do! 

Sending so much love and gratitude,

-- Hilary S.

• • •

What a beautiful message to receive yesterday!! We cannot Thank you enough for the relief and support ! This will help So much when we go to mediation to save the house! I’m sorry for the late reply but it was a rough evening last night. The process server showed up to serve me the paperwork. He was very rude. It’s official that I’m one of the injured being sued by MGM. Two steps forward and 5 backward!! It just keeps bringing everything back to the surface! 😭

Then I get this message from you and we are reminded just how blessed we are to have you working behind the scenes to help! ❤️ -- Katie T.

• • •

I appreciate all that you do. And regardless if we don’t receive anything I still admire the work you have done since the shooting. You’ve showed the goodness that came out of that night. –- Kimberly

• • •

LoriDawn, this is such a blessing, I can’t thank you enough! 🧡💜🧡💜 I’m brought to tears from this generous gift and act of love! Thank you, thank you!

-- Anonymous

• • •

I am beyond Grateful!!!! THANK YOU just isn't a big enough word

Seriously couldn't have come at a better time....I was just injured at work (by another employee on a fork lift hit me) ...I'm on light duty 6 1/2 hr days ....This is some great news I needed !!

Much Love to ya'll 🧡 -- E. S.

• • •

Thank you so much – you have taken so much stress off my plate ~ I can’t thank you enough!

Blessings! -- Liz

• • •

Wanted to share with you something I wrote:

I've not grown stronger from lifes  


They've wounded me. Torn the flesh from my bones, tormented my dreams, invaded my thoughts, and at times distorted my reality. I've neither survived nor succeeded. For each would imply an end to life's tribulations. I've mearly bore witness and endured. Though I've fallen short in each. Having adverted my eyes at the sight of evil, and been to my knees by disparity.

I simply continue. -- Alina H.

• • •

Well I drove through a blizzard to get home but C. seems to be better now I am around. Thank you Jesus! I got a text today and the bank is willing to do an extension of 12 months on our balloon loan after reconsideration and acknowledgment of the payments I brought in. I have to keep it within 90 days and they don't repo papers. Thank God. You guys are so amazing. Thank you again! We love you!  -- L. S.

• • •