Why we are here?

Following that tragic day on October 1, a team of courageous survivors united and founded Route91Strong.  We are from the Vegas shooting, Parkland school shooting, and a Washington DC shooting.  Our organization, Route91Strong, is raising funds to support those who live through gun shooting tragedies.  These precious innocent lives are so traumatized with both physical and psychological conditions that they can’t get out of bed, can’t work, can’t pay their bills, some are living out of their cars, and are losing hope. 

We have all discovered from our circumstances as victims, that there are not enough donated funds.  Funding from the Las Vegas or any other tragedy, to include Victims National Funds and the National Compassion Funds are not available to help those who are in desperate financial need.   We also understand first hand, that the healing process from these tragedies both physical and mental are long-term. 

Our dream is to integrate survivors from gun violence tragedies to come together for Support, Hope, Strength, Change, and Love.  We would be honored to have your support to join our dream to help those that are suffering.  Together as one of our compassionate partners, we can bring hope, joy and new beginnings for many.   

How we let people know that we are here to help?

We spread the word through our active social media sites.  We also post stories on our blog pages about the “forgotten” victims that have long-lasting physical and mental afflictions.  But we do this in a positive manner spreading the joy and love surrounding these victims and how our monies raised will bring them hope and courage to enjoy life and help to move on from their tragedies.


Who can receive funds from our victim fund?

Together, we create life-changing fund allocations for those who are victims of gun violence.  We have a strict vetting process which can be found on our "Apply For Funds" page.   


What are your sources of funding?

At this time Route91Strong finances its work through individual contributions, corporate donations, social media fundraisers and private/anonymous donations along with fundraising activities. 


Is my financial contribution tax deductible?

Yes. Route91Strong is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt non-profit public benefit corporation. As such, financial contributions may be deductible for federal income tax purposes. Please consult with your financial adviser to determine the extent of tax deductibility. Please review our Corporate Documents page for more information about our legal entity, federal and state registrations, and tax filings. Or send us an email at admin@route91strong.org.


How do I report a problem?

Send an email to admin@route91strong.org with as much information as possible.  We will review it and try to address your problem as quickly as we can.


Message from our President:

There have been attacks, lies, mistruths & rumors started by a handful of people on social media and they have gotten very disturbing, vicious, mean and personal, with the intention to make us look like we are not doing the true things we are doing. These attacks are inaccurate, false, twisted, wrong and we cannot fathom fellow survivors trying to stop us from giving funds to the very survivors that need immediate financial assistance to survive & thrive after living through the most horrific night of their lives. They not only need our help, they need the help of the other groups and nonprofits who have stepped up to offer support. United we can all make a difference. 

Truth prevails and always will. We cannot get wrapped up into the hate that is being spewed online and through a rumor mill. We have seen this type of hate our whole lives, starting with kids being bullied in schools, our very own leaders and public figures being attacked, the suicide rate is off the charts, and then the attacks on nonprofits created to help after all major tragedies like 9/11 including all the mass shootings. All nonprofits should and will be held at a high standard, and there are protocols, procedures and guidelines that must be followed to be a nonprofit & remain a nonprofit.  It is because of all the many hours and hard work required to stay in compliance that we don’t spend wasted time concerning ourselves with all this drama. We have to use our time to stay focused on the survivors we are helping. This takes countless hours of volunteering with a team and staff to make this all possible. Nonprofits don’t run themselves. It takes a balance of many parts. 

We are survivors and our only mission is raising as much funding for these families as humanly possible. It’s awful that first these same few attackers lied and told people that we didn’t give out funds to applicants, then when we started to prove we were giving our funds, they decided to attack in other ways, and it is completely out of our control. We are forced to ignore the horrible attacks. We have made attempts to get the truth out, which takes so much time, taking time away from our applicants. These bullies don’t want the truth. Their behavior reminds me of how ruthless it was in high school with horrible name calling, adamant lies, mistruths, twisted information, defamation of character, slander and so on. What happened to our world, where survivors are attacking survivors? Many are being attacked including us, and it’s disturbing. What is really troubling is that our team has learned the hard way that the more funds we bring in, and the more survivors we help, and the more attention we get, the more we will be attacked.

Our state & federal filings will show how we give way more funds to survivors than it costs to run the nonprofit. 100% the numbers are the truth. 

It was our priority to set up our nonprofit for the success of giving funds to as many precious survivors as we possibly can. We set up our board, hold board meetings, vote on each action, opened our checking account the moment we began, log every donation coming in and every cent going out to each survivor and track all of our expenses. 

When we asked many of our applicants if they have been able to receive funding in any other way like the VOC, which many had or if other groups or nonprofits helped, only a handful had received at the most $250. Others stated they had tried but got turned down or got no response. We have never turned down an applicant, which has been lied about. We have had some applicants tell us that they don’t need the funding anymore, and that is it. We have immaculate records of every application and spreadsheets logging every single communication and amount given and check number. Our 10 board members have donated extraordinary voluntary hours for over a year+ and still do, sometimes pulling all nighters to get done what was needed for fundraiser events. You can imagine how it might feel to be attacked after our team has taken on working so hard to help fellow survivors and given our hearts and souls to something this beautiful to be lied about & viciously attacked. 

We wanted to do something to help because we survived and were given a 2nd Chance at life. We didn’t have to take this on, and could have gone on with our lives without this enormous responsibility. Many of our applicants are indeed at the end of hope and on suicide watch, as their lives hang in the balance. They are teetering between giving up after basically losing everything including feeling safe, after experiencing a mass shooting, realizing that we all live in a mass shooting society now... We are not safe at schools, churches, concerts, movie theaters, workplace, and even our homes.  

Our team of survivors realized that these gun violence survivors have no group or nonprofit to help them with immediate financial needs, as they struggle through the initial shock, when your whole world is shaken up to the core. This is when survivors need the most support to get their lives back on track so they can focus on recovery & finding a new normal. Many will continue to need support during the first year, suffering with debilitating PTSD that kicked in immediately, and then some will have delayed PTSD kick in after year 1, as the shock wears off. 

We have been told over the phone by most of our applicants, that receiving our call, learning they have been approved for funds, was their first Hope since the night of Oct 1, 2017... We cry with them. Their stories are heartbreaking and we love on them with all we have, sharing our own experience and letting them know, they are not alone & that funds are on their way. It’s the most beautiful, moving moment when you witness someone go from hopeless to hope by letting them know that help is on its way. There really are no words to describe how passionate we are to be able to give thousands of dollars raised to as many lives as we can. 

Our costs for most all of the fundraising events we have been a part of, is low & sometimes there is no cost, because for many of them, we were the selected nonprofit to receive funds since they trusted the funds are going to survivors as they had seen through the media and the many photos of checks (full names blurred out) we post online.  We honor the funding from these events by showing the host who all receives their much-appreciated funds. 

We inform our applicants where their financial assistance is coming from while we speak to them over the phone & we also write it on their checks in the notes. This allows them to thank those who cared about their wellbeing and were generous by giving donations or raising proceeds in their honor. 

Can you imagine how much it hurts to watch your wonderful team be attacked, after we have all donated 1000’s of hours since this tragedy occurred, donating personal mileage points & hotel points for travel to attend the fundraisers that kind others were hosting to give funds to survivors through our Route91Strong nonprofit. We keep spreadsheets of what they give and keep track of which of our survivor applicants receive their specific proceeds.

We have so many supporters which includes 100’s of applicants that received large funds from Route91Strong to meet their families immediate needs, as well as people all over the world (we have given funds to a survivor family from Canada & Switzerland). The survivors that have seen the public attacks have come to us directly stating their support and that they cannot believe the hate, bullying and lies. While they have defended us, others witness them getting attacked and don’t want to be attacked themselves. They are afraid to come forward as they witness other recipients of our funds go to our defense, only to be viciously attacked & bullied. The survivors we are helping know the truth. The world sees the good we are doing. We chose to rise up, overcome together, hoping that united together, LIGHT will overshadow dark.

This organization will not hesitate to undertake necessary actions to curb any further defamatory attacks.

Message from our CFO:

As of December, 2018, we have given financial assistance to over 100+ families in the amount of $165,000 in financial assistance.  We have about 30 applicants in the queue with many people applying weekly. We have costs that include our Nonprofit attorney Scott Galbreath of Murphy Austin Adams Schoenfeld LLP (we seek his guidance in building our strong foundation & legal advice on most matters), our Nonprofit CPA William Simi of CPA Corporation, who we hired to do our financial bookkeeping & filings. Then there are costs associated with marketing material (much of it donated), event costs, and other costs associated with running a nonprofit (much of it donated). 

Our first year of operation (2017) involved little more than two months.  Much of the first half of 2018 was spent building a solid foundation for this organization so it would be transparent, viable, scalable, and sustainable.  We certainly incurred during this time what can only be characterized as start-up costs (most of it legal and marketing), but we are confident that we will transition to an even more financially efficient organization quickly as a result. This organization has been run solely by volunteers, many of whom are survivors dealing with their own impacts from Oct 1 or another shooting incident, many have demanding full-time jobs, and some fall under both categories!  After a full year of operation, we finally started compensating our President/CEO, who has dedicated her life to managing and growing this entity so it can help as many survivors as possible; that compensation does not appear in the financial report because it just started this Oct.

Our CEO’s salary is $60,000 per year; she has the opportunity to earn a bonus up to $20,000, if she brings in funds to help our survivors, but that is not guaranteed.  Our Director of Marketing and Communications just started her monthly contract amount of $2,500, which amounts to $30,000 annually.  So, the two people connected to the organization who are working full-time (or more) will cost the organization about $90,000 per year; that's TWO full-time people for a total of $90,000 ... that is very efficient, especially since most of the donations that have come into the organization would not have materialized without either person.  Those donations far exceed the cost of paying these two positions, and of course there will be more donations coming in during the same time period over which that $90,000 cost would apply.

Nonprofits have strict guidelines to follow, which include a board with an executive committee, including President/CEO, Vice President/Secretary, CFO, Director of Operations & outside contractors such as Director of Marketing & Communications to run our website, social media & communications with survivors & public.

We have received amazing donations from many sources, even some anonymous donations to give to survivors. If an anonymous donation comes in to go to survivors, and if a donor wants to be anonymous, they are anonymous. Nothing we can do about that & we have integrity & confidentiality to our applicants & donors. Some applicants & donors come forward & some don’t.

If we don’t maintain confidentiality with applicants & donors, then we won’t get new applicants or donators who wish to remain anonymous which mean less people who desperately need assistance will not get the help they need!

The financial statement we have currently reflects activity thru the third quarter of 2018. We will not have a more current financial statements until we finish the fourth quarter. 

CEO Compensation Analysis

Current Financials